Struggling to Get Your Product or Service Noticed? 




Your Step-by-Step Training to Creating Irresistible Pitches

This training equips YOU with the skills and strategies 
you need to craft pitches that
CAPTURE attention and DRIVE action.

 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Dear Future Successful Entrepreneur, 

2024 has been a challenging year for many, but I'm here to help turn things around. Throughout my career, I've navigated ups and downs using strategies that have consistently generated income, even in tough times. Now, I want to share these strategies with you.

In this training, I'll teach you effective techniques in affiliate and network marketing that I've personally used to build success. Together, we'll ensure that the rest of 2024 sets you on a path to financial freedom and business success. 

Join me, and let's make this year one to remember for all the right reasons.

Looking forward to helping you thrive,

with One Minute to Millions

 DONE FOR YOU Template and Interactive Training PLUS 
2 LIVE Zoom Trainings with Forbes Riley!


3 Live Trainings with Forbes Riley and access to the recordings

You are not in this alone! You will have access to attend 3 LIVE group trainings, 90 mins each for maximum results.

($10,000 value)

✓ The Solution System: 

A comprehensive guide to the Solution System framework, including visual aids and detailed descriptions.

($1,500 value)

✓ Success Workbook  

A workbook designed to help you apply what you learn during the course, with exercises and templates for each step of the HUB framework. This workbook has been created with your success as it's premise.  

($500 value)

✓ Replays Of All Sessions: 

Access to recordings of all live sessions for you to review at your convenience.

($200 value)

Hot Seat Sessions: 

Opportunities to participate in hot seat sessions where you can receive personalized feedback on your pitch.

($2,500 value)


Don't have a Product, Service or Idea yet? Don't worry we have the solution! 
We're giving you access to our 'Strategize Your Offer with Ai' Video Series.


The ultimate shortcut! An easy to follow video series that will help you decide what you can offer and help you to understand your product pipeline.

($500 value)

✓ 6 Months Access To Forbes Riley's Mastermind: 

Access to Forbes Riley's weekly Mastermind group 
for ongoing mentorship and networking.

($1000  value)

TOTAL VALUE= $15,200

Usually = $1497

Get Everything TODAY for Just... $497


Be Mentored By The World's Leading Female Motivation Speaker, Forbes Riley

Known as the "Queen of Pitch" 

Celebrity TV Host, Dr. Forbes Riley is a pioneer and industry leader in the field of infomercials and Home Shopping TV, with product sales of over $2.5 billion. 

Having worked with prominent CEOs, 7, 8 and 9 figure earners, and sales teams, her mission now is to empower future leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, action-takers, and visionaries to achieve their dreams.  

Forbes Riley Highlights...

Forbes Riley Has Already Helped Countless People Around The 
Pitch For Success...

Are YOU Next?

Transform Your Pitch, Transform Your Success

TOTAL VALUE= $12,700 

Usually = $1497

Get Everything TODAY for Just... $497



Is Forbes Riley REALLY going to teach live for just $497?

YES and YES! Forbes loves teaching this training and you will have access to her live in a Zoom room - class is very interactive!

What if I can't make the virtual live trainings?

Easy Peasy! All the trainings are recorded and sent to you the following day.        We encourage you to re-watch classes and take notes as Forbes Riley tends to give students their perfect pitch on the spot...

Is this right for me?

This training is perfect for anyone who wants to successfully pitch any product, service, or idea to enroll leads and ultimately sell their product or service. 

I enrolled but haven't received an email?

Drop us an email to and we will be able to assist you.

 Is this the same as an Elevator pitch?

NO, this is NOT the same pitch that you're going to be giving in an elevator, when you only have 15 or 20 seconds to act. That's a whole different animal that when you meet somebody and you want them to take action, you're not going to say ALL the things that you're going to say in this script. You may use parts of it, but the elevator pitch is a whole other story. Makes sense? Alright!

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